The Color of Graceful Aging

A few months ago, I stumbled across Ian Frazier’s article about the enchanting color of the Statue of Liberty’s copper patina and I can’t get it out of my mind. Last night at 3:00 am I realized I could be sharing it with you and spread my obsession with this color, this story, and this “beguiling green.”

Benjamin Moore helped reproduce this color in a less dignified and romantic way than natural aging and exposure to the elements.  Here’s a brief excerpt to get you intrigued:

“New Palace sells mostly Benjamin Moore paint, which had no factory-made color to match Magistro’s sample, so the eye of the store’s spectrophotometer read the sample, found a mixture of colors to duplicate it, and gave a formula. The formula was typed on the paint-spattered keyboard of a Gennex Fluid Management tinter, which then squirted the constituent colors—school-bus yellow, dark green, and black—into a can of oil-based white paint. Another machine shook the can to mix them. From there the new color began to spread across the Bronx.”

Read more here.

Ben Wiseman illustration

Illustration by Ben Wiseman

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