One Line Images

DFT, a French illustration duo are genius. They transform complex images into icons using only one line. I am in awe. I am in love.  dft giraffes

Describing their work: “During our creative process, we usually go through several phases that are visually rich and complex. Then, we take the necessary time to remove what’s not substantive. It’s a maturation process that is somehow painful as it consists of letting go, giving up. But, it’s also very demanding as minimalism requests a certain level of perfection. Every element must have its sense, its utility, its intrinsic beauty.”

Look at some of their icons here. View their website here.

I promise you’ll love them. What’s your favorite? Here’s mine:

one line crab


The first day of spring. My hands itch to start planting in the cold soil.  And, I love this poem by Sidney Wade. Happy Vernal Equinox!

You can hear the birds in this poem by Sidney Wade.

first green flare

the air

and dart

the throat

to call

the heart

the ear

to the sheer

of oriole


Pursuit of Happiness

Our world is a fast moving audio-visual bombardment and I find myself seeking a way out of the frenzy for good at least once a week. I want the time and uninterrupted space to read in-depth, explore art, puzzle over history, and create my own take on the world through words and illustrations.  If I were independently wealthy I would buy a farmhouse or beach cottage and have at it, but reality is not so accommodating.

So, I challenge myself to find a way to calm my soul and make a living at the same time.

I have always loved graphic design and illustration. Putting information, stories, ideas, data and identity into images is just about the most fun I can imagine having besides playing tether ball with my husband (long story, but true). If you need help turning your vision for a logo, invitation, poster or any other idea into reality, let’s work together and get it done. Otherwise, check back here every so often to see if there is something that will calm your soul as well.inner-child